Hand Objects
by Cecilia Richard

A quite broad portion of my exploration in the field of jewelry inquires into the relationships that can be established between subject and object, its limits, interests, and implications.
Usable – portable; portable – non portable; portable – manipulable; static – transformable, are, among others, possible relationships.
Many of my works can or can not be attached to the person’s body. Instead they separate and seek a different way of connection. This way subject and object create situations of evident autonomy or marked interaction. Maybe, the most remarkable examples are those I call "Hand objects”.
I consider that to be the social and political dimension of my pieces. The possibility of performing an action with them and consequently create a situation. The displacement that the ludic act does of the normal sense we have of time and space. Touching, manipulating, rolling, taking, sharing, playing, abandoning, resuming, the piece is sustained by an action.
Each piece has certain formal and dynamic characteristics. Objects that unfold into two bracelets; cubes that retract and unfold in fragments becoming dynamic and unstable; spheres that show and hide pins; brooches that rotate: arms that extend and retract by the action of gravity.
In state of rest, the pieces look autonomous and provocative. In active state, they look dynamic an unstable. Static, they are. Active, they happen.-

Córdoba, Argentina, 2007.